CANCER Treatments

We are currently developing our partners network for Cancer  treatments in PV.  We are interviewing the best Doctors and meeting with their patients to check their reviews.  More information coming soon BUT if your in need of a Cancer option ASAP contact us today as time is critical and we will connect you to the best network of Cancer physicians in Puerto Vallarta.  You CAN afford your Chemo and surgery, Your DO NOT have to go bankrupt because you have cancer!  Let us help you!

Medical Treatments

Dental Services

Stem Cell, HGH and Testosterone

Stem Cell, HGH and Testosterone



From oral surgery to extractions and crown's we can fix your teeth and save you money all while enjoying a great vacation! Below is a sample of some Dental price options a specific review of your dental needs and price all be presented to you to review. 

Check up and Cleaning $35 

Porcelain Veneers

starting $600

We can make your smile shine in just one day.


starting $700

Porcelain or Zirconia Veneers

Root Canal

starting $200

Additional discounts for multiple root canals

Contact us today for a free quote and accommodation options.

Stem Cell, HGH and Testosterone

Stem Cell, HGH and Testosterone

Stem Cell, HGH and Testosterone


Stem Cell, HGH and Testosterone therapy options will change our life for the better we create a full list of options and set you up on a specific plan just for you and our prices are 50% less than prices in the U.S!

Shoulder Repair: Shoulder stem cell therapy starting at $2,500

Knee Repair: Can you avoid knee replacement? Stem Cell therapy can help many knee issues.  Starting at $4,500

P - Shot.  Men have an option to drugs for ED.  Check out the latest solution using stem cells to get back the use of your equipment your used to! 

HGH and Testosterone Therapy.  These are most commonly NOT covered by US Insurance or not available we have a full set of treatments plans available that we customize for you.

Starting at $1,500

Plastic Surgery

Stem Cell, HGH and Testosterone

Plastic Surgery


We have some of the best Plastic Surgeons trained and licensed in the U.S but practicing in Mexico.  One of the top Doctors in his field we are sure once you check out their credentials you will feel like your in the best hands possible.    We offer Free online consultation with our surgeons so you meet and talk directly with them.  Before you spend double or triple the cost check out our options.  Getting that perfect nose or the smile that you want should not be about $$$ we help make your dreams come true.  Save 50% or more and recover in your own privacy of a luxury Villa so you go home rested and relaxed.

Cosmetic surgery is worth doing all your homework before you make a decision. 

 Do your homework and contact us for your free live video consultation with Dr. Alejandro.  

Hair Replacement

Hair Replacement

Plastic Surgery


The cost is often prohibitive for guys to get their hair replaced in the US at Bosley or any number of companies we can do it for 50% of more savings and give you a great vacation.  Nothing gives you more confidence than a full head or hair or makes you feel younger!  The expenses is no longer the excuse.  

Get your quote from Bosley. Then contact us! 

 Sign up for your FREE consultation.

Fertility Clinic

Hair Replacement

Fertility Clinic


Price should NOT keep you from having your dream family and with our partners you can afford to create the family you always wanted.  

Don't let the cost of fertility clinics in the US keep you from having your family let us help create your family then come back and vacation in PV it will have special place in your hearts forever.


Hair Replacement

Fertility Clinic


MRI's in the US can cost $3,000 and more!  We have state of the art MRI scans you can have and take the results home to your Doctor for review. MRI start at $350 contact us for the MRI scan you need for a quote.  If you have a high deductible or no insurance come to see us and enjoy a vacation for less than a MRI in the US.

Contact us today we will give you a quote for the MRI you need.