About Us

Our Health Mission


Why does health care in the U.S have to be so expensive?  We have an option for you.  Puerto Vallarta, Mexico's is just a couple hours flight from Los Angeles and offers top resorts and health care.  For the price of your dental procedure you can spend a week in Puerto Vallarta on the beach with Margarita in hand!   Our mission is to give you first rate medial options and a top resort vacation for the same price or less than just the procedure in the U.S!  .

Experience and Professionalism


 We have partnered with the BEST Doctors and Dentists to provide you the best care at the best prices.  We recommend you do your own homework and compare prices, doctors backgrounds, experience and references.  We have personally used the medical services on our site or interviewed them personally.  We just make the recommendation and set you up with the best travel rates and resorts in Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta so you can relax, heal and get healthy.

Just a sample of services offered and prices

We urge our customers to interview all our partners they all offer video consultations

Just a sample of services offered and prices